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I know that buying art is a huge investment and it can sometimes be daunting to pay for a piece of art up front. I am pleased to announce that I now offer a payment plan option on all Acrylic Paintings. With the payment plan you can spread the cost of the painting of your choice over Four Months.

To pay in instalments click the payment button (like the one below) under  the add to cart button:

Text - Payment Plan

  • Once the first payment is made, I will mark the painting as "Sold"  in the gallery.
  • Artwork will continue to be displayed in the gallery until your payment plan is completed.
  • Once the last payment is complete your painting will be shipped to you in accordance with our shipping policy.

I hope that you find this new feature useful. If you would like more information about the payment plan or you would like a personalised plan, please get in contact with me.

Updated 28/02/2021